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The resources below as well as our professional network are here to help you throughout the duration of your career journey.

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The NC Community College Leadership Program is here to facilitate short-term and long-term career planning, industry and graduate school exploration, internship/job search, and effective employee engagement tips for our graduates and alumni.

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Are you currently searching for advancement opportunities?

Building leadership skills and networks doesn’t end when you complete NCCCLP.  For those who desire taking learning to the next level,  NCCCLAG is providing resources to include books, articles, websites, podcast, Ted Talks, resource speakers, periodicals and job offers.

Career Development
Change Management

Bolman and Deal's Four-Frame Model from ACCIPIO

Summarizes Bolman and Deal’s Four Frame Model from the book Reframing Organizations. The model is a fundamental framework for organizational change.

TEDTalk, 5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change by Jim Hemerling

Jim Hemerling is a managing director and senior partner in Boston Consulting Group's People & Organization and Transformation practices. The talk covers the importance of putting people first.

Change Management, A SubTopic from the Free OpenStax Textbook Principles of Management

Sub Topic 10.3 cover change management from an academic perspective on management. Great overview of basic principles. Introduces other models beyond Bolman and Deal.

Higher Education Websites

Check out these great resources to help you in your job search.


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